Doctor's Visit at Home

Our Home Visit Program is aimed at providing comfort to patients who find it difficult to get to a doctor’s location, but may need medical assistance from time-to-time. Our doctors, nurses and physiotherapists are available on-call for your general medical needs.

Critical Medical procedures like IV injections, Wound Dressing and Urinary Catheterization can now be done in the comfort of your home.

Ongoing primary medical care and management of chronic illness visits shall be scheduled as needed, Prescription refills Arranging testing (or) specialist visits, blood test and other services also can be done at home.

  • Medical care at home is designed for patients who are elderly or at risk.
  • Have mobility issues (or) difficulty leaving their homes
  • Have serious, multiple or complex health conditions
  • Was recently discharged from a hospital.

What else can be done at your Home?

Our healthcare specialists and technicians conduct investigations and collect lab samples from patients from within the comfort of their home.

Our technicians can help with the following procedures in the comfort of your home

  1. Ryle’s Tube insertion
  2. Foley’s Catheter Insertion
  3. Wound Dressing and Suture Removal
  4. IV Fluid Management
  5. Drug Administration
  6. Urinary Catheterization